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Vasona, EMC Emission and Immunity Software
  Latest news... 

 Vasona now supports measurements   above 100GHz

  New instrument drivers for:
  Rohde & Schwarz FSW
  Agilent N1913
  Driver page has been updated

  Running Vasona in Win7 (or Win 8, 10)


, an EMC emission and  immunity software solution which covers testing to many standards.

Operates in Win7, 8, 10 (64/32)
and WinXP.

With the Rohde & Schwarz ESR/ESW analyser/receiver we have added 
many new features, including fully
compliant conducted emission measurements taking 2mins.

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                Suppliers Connection   EMCInfobase simple access to the
  EMxLinks database. 

  Latest news... 

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  Currently updating        Search EMiLinks for A2LA accredited labs

  ISO 17025 Accredited, EMC Labs.

  German system is a mess, will take
  a few more year sort out

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EMC information

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  Manufacturers of EMC 
  Equipment.                              Links for the most important parts of EU EMC regulation

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Access to thousands of records of key EMC, EMi and EMP information. Use EMCInfobase to get simple access to core information.

  Latest news... 
  Nearly 3025 records have now been

  emc+emi+emp = emxlinks


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